Promoting Innovation in Leadership

In a bid to increase the number of leaders who consider leadership to be about the next generation and not just the next election, I founded Girls to Lead Africa. My mission is to nurture student leaders who are generational thinkers. I believe that a change in the view of the role of leadership right from school where leadership training begins, will be the first step to alter the paradigm. We groom Leaders who make the school better for the next cohort of students to thrive. This project will document, recognize and reward the student leaders who have come up with best innovations with the greatest impact on the school community.

Incubating Innovation in Leadership


Name: Girls to lead Africa

Acronym: GTLA

Leader: Kansiime Honest Fortunate

Telephone: +256-753-226-339



Year of Establishment: 2013

Registration Number: 847/15

About GTLA

Girls to Lead Africa is a Leadership Incubator whose goal is to increase the number and quality of women leaders by incubating, nurturing, grooming and mentoring girl leaders in Middle school and High school. The leaders are trained to lead with and for a purpose and each of them must initiate, innovate or invent a solution to a school/community challenge before their leadership term of office expires. We believe that with such policy changes they have lobbied for in the schools, they will no doubt advocate for policies that will transform Africa in the near future. Girls to Lead Africa was founded in 2013 for two major reasons; 1. To increase the number of women in leadership and 2. To reduce the number of women leaders who are not visionary and transformational. Lack of innovation in leadership and gender gaps in Leadership are problems that can only be addressed by incubating leaders. In School, where leadership training begins, Prefects are served unique food, they put on unique uniform, don’t queue with other students and are not punished for rule infractions. They are given all privileges save for the privilege of responsibility and service accountability. They are never asked how they used their privilege filled positions to transform the school community. The spirit of servant leadership dies at this stage with these girls who have already demonstrated the ability to stand out as leaders. A change in the view of the role of leadership will be the first step to alter the paradigm. This is what girls to lead Africa does – instilling a sense of responsibility and innovation into young minds that will grow it as a character.



We seek to raise visionary young women who take leadership responsibilities aiming at transforming Africa into a truly prosperous and united continent in which people live in peace and dignity under honest governance.



We envision a transformed Africa where women are in charge of making policies that enhance equity and sustainable development.


  1. Inculcating a culture of responsibility and leadership action among female youths
  2. Building a critical mass of young women leaders for transformative leadership.
  3. Creating a women leaders space for incubation, learning, innovation, mentorship and development.
  4. Creating a breed of young female leaders who are politically competent and ready to play a visible and practical role in the governance processes.


Areas of Work

  • Capacity building and leadership training: The 10 principles of highly effective leaders


  • Campaigns and Electioneering: Public speaking, developing a campaign slogan, developing a campaign message, knowing your voters, getting out the vote, developing a campaign team, the victory speech, the conceding defeat speech


  • The Young Innovators Award: YIA (Young Innovators Award) is an annual program that targets school leaders who have come up with the most effective policies and initiatives with the greatest impact on the school, community & students.



Our goal is to raise leaders who are performers. We train them to lead for a purpose. We have raised over 500 girl prefects since our inception. Each one of these girls has initiated a new policy in her school. All these policies have transformational effects on the schools, the students and the teachers. We always Award the girl with the best initiative with the most effective impact. Some of our girls’ stories can be watched here: