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GTLA donates COVID-19 Relief Food aid to families of beneficiaries

GTLA donates COVID-19 Relief Food aid to families of beneficiaries

GTLA donates masks and sanitizers to market vendors and stall operators in Kihiihi Daily Market and…

Girls To lead Africa (GTLA) a Non governmental Organisation has on Friday donated personal protective materials like washable cloth facemasks, and sanitizers to vendors and stall operators of Kihihi Daily market. Girls to Lead Africa also donated .../Read More.

COVID19 and Girls To Lead Africa: The Home Learning Initiative

Just like the rest of the world, COVID19 had a deep impact on the community of Kanungu and their adolescent girls. GTLA stepped in quickly to take action and provide support to those who needed it most.

Children in Kanungu do not have .../Read More.

COVID19: Girls To Lead Africa provides Sanitary Towels to 500 Girls

Even when schools are closed, sanitary pads are a basic need which the girls must have. We provided reusable sanitary pads to 500 girls. Each girl received a packet that contained four reusable pads and a pouch for carrying the pads. This packet .../Read More.

Girls to Lead Africa launches Girl Safe Boda to guard against Teenage pregnancies in Kanungu…

Girls to Lead Africa has partnered with a group of Boda Boda riders in Kanungu District to work together to end teenage pregnancies and child marriages in the district.

On the other hand, Bodas have an organised network and hence can pass .../Read More.

Temperature Guns for Schools: Aiding Rural Schools to re-open in the COVID-19 era.

When schools opened in October 2020, the government gave strict rules to follow. Temperature of each student was to be measured and recorded daily. Government did not provide thermometers to be used. The rural schools to which our students go .../Read More.

Helping students returning to school

Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) were signed with 36 schools (six (6) secondary schools, two (2) tertiary institutions and 28 primary schools)

Furthermore, we paid tuition for students in six (6) additional tertiary institutions .../Read More.

Want to Increase Girls’ Agency? Empower them to become Leaders!

Girls to Lead Africa is a Leadership Incubator whose goal is to increase the number and quality of women leaders by incubating, nurturing, grooming and mentoring girl leaders in Middle school and High school. The leaders are trained to lead with .../Read More.