COVID19 and Girls To Lead Africa

Just like the rest of the world, COVID19 had a deep impact on the community of Kanungu and their adolescent girls. GTLA stepped in quickly to take action and provide support to those who needed it most.

Home Learning

Children in Kanungu do not have access to tv, newspapers, internet and the signal reception of radio is too poor rendering online learning nearly impossible

In July, we implemented a home learning initiative together with a team of teachers who were also rendered redundant due to Covid-19 and closure of schools. 330 total students benefited of that was 245 adolescent girls in P3-P6. We distributed 330 learning booklets to aid the students and the teachers in learning from home.

Girls in the community receiving home learning materials.

Reusable Sanitary Towels

Even when schools are closed, sanitary pads are a basic need which the girls must have. We provided reusable sanitary pads to 500 girls. Each girl received a packet that contained four reusable pads and a pouch for carrying the pads. This packet can take the girl for one year (12 menstrual cycles).

Girl-Safe Boda

We launched Girl-Safe Boda to help prevent teenage pregnancies and child marriages

On the other hand, Bodas have an organised network and hence can pass on information quicker than any other medium in rural areas like Kanungu where many people don’t have phones, connection to internet and TV coverage

Boda Bodas know the tactics men use to lure girls into formication since the Bodas use the same tactics and they are men themselves. So it becomes effective when we “set a thief to catch a thief”

Boda Bodas who are fathers to teenage girls will protect girls because they are protecting their daughters. If every boda guards their daughter jealousy, girls will have an organised network of guards.

We have distributed free reflector jackets to all members of Girl-Safe Boda for easy identification. So when girls are looking for a boda to take them, they look out for a Girl-safe Boda because they are assured of their safety since a Girl-safe Boda won’t violate them.

Therefore, Girl-Safe Bodas will champion the fight against teenage pregnancies and child marriages. This will in turn ensure that many girls will resume schooling once schools reopen.

Girl Safe Boda was reported about here (Kanungu District Launches Girl Safe Boda against Teenage pregnancies)

We have distributed free reflector jackets to all 300 members of Girl-Safe Boda for easy identification. So when girls are looking for a boda to take them, they look out for a Girl-safe Boda because they are assured of their safety since a Girl-safe Boda won’t violate them.

Temperature Guns for Schools

Purchase of 30 Infrared Thermometers (Temperature Guns) When schools opened in October 2020, the government gave strict rules to follow. Temperature of each student was to be measured and recorded daily. Government did not provide thermometers to be used. The rural schools to which our students go could not afford a temperature gun Therefore, with part of this grant, we purchased and donated 30 temperature guns and trained relevant administrators on how to use them, change batteries and maintain them.

NOTE: Because most schools are affiliated to religious organizations, the donated temperature guns are also being used by the churches and mosques where the schools are based. This is therefore helping!

Helping students returning to school

Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) were signed with 36 schools (six (6) secondary schools, two (2) tertiary institutions and 28 primary schools)

Furthermore, we paid tuition for students in six (6) additional tertiary institutions although MoUs have not yet been signed with them.

In total, students whose tuition has been paid are spread across 42 institutions of learning.GTLA cleared Primary Leaving Examination registration fees for 28 schools. Each school had on average between 25-65 pupils in Primary seven

In total, 747 students from primary, secondary and tertiary/University have directly benefited from a tuition scholarship supported by Girls To Lead Africa.

School materials provided to students


In a bid to increase the number of leaders who consider leadership to be about the next generation and not just the next election, Girls Lead Africa was founded. GLA’s mission is to nurture student leaders who are generational thinkers. We believe that a change in the view of the role of leadership right from school where leadership training begins, will be the first step in solving the leadership crisis the world faces. We groom Leaders who make the school better for the next cohort of students to thrive.  Research has proven that most of the students who participate in student politics (student councils.) end up becoming politicians (Parliamentarians, Senators, Governors, Mayors, presidents) when they grow up.  Africa in General is currently facing a huge leadership crisis. Despite so many leadership Development programs that have been implemented on the continent, the problem continues to expand. This is because most programs start rather late, at a stage when the leaders are already too corrupted to transform. –Very few remember to engage schools and yet school is the level where leadership begins and it should thus be the level where leadership training begins. This is what girls to lead Africa does – instilling a sense of responsibility and innovation into young minds that will grow it as a character. Girls to Lead Africa, is nurturing a breed of women leaders who can innovate lasting solutions to Disease, poverty, hunger, Environmental degradation, war, and injustice. Starting at the level where leadership training begins- school. We Incubate and mentor student leaders to become solution oriented leaders by reorganizing their thinking and challenging them to attach purpose to their leadership positions and planning to leave a legacy in their schools.  We want to nurture a critical mass of women leaders who do care about their communities.