Welcome to Girls Lead Africa!

Girls to Lead Africa is a Community Based Organization whose overall goal is to increase the number and quality of women policy makers by incubating, nurturing, grooming and developing girl leaders in institutions of learning. It empowers young girl leaders aged 13- 30 years in schools and colleges with leadership skills through training and mentoring with the aim of grooming them for local and national elective and or appointive positions of leadership and governance.

Through the trainings, Girls to lead Africa challenges the girls to think critically about themselves, their identity, their gender, their nation and their goals while breaking down negative messages fed to them by society. Our vision is to create a breed/crop of female policy makers and legislators who will make policies that will transform the lives of women in Uganda and Africa

The young Policy Makers!

The young Policy Makers!

In a bid to increase the number of leaders who consider leadership to be about the next generation and not just the next election, Girls to Lead Africa was founded. GLA’s mission is to nurture student leaders who are generational thinkers. We believe that a change in the view of the role of leadership right from school where leadership training begins, will be the first step in solving the leadership crisis the world faces. We groom Leaders who make the school better for the next cohort of students to thrive.

Research has proven that most of the students who participate in student politics (student councils) end up becoming politicians (Parliamentarians, Senators, Governors, Mayors, presidents) when they grow up.  Africa in general is currently facing a huge leadership crisis. Despite so many leadership Development programs that have been implemented on the continent, the problem continues to expand. This is because most programs start rather late, at a stage when the leaders are already too corrupted to transform. Very few remember to engage schools and yet school is the level where leadership begins and it should thus be the level where leadership training begins.

This is what girls to lead Africa does – instilling a sense of responsibility and innovation into young minds that will grow it as a character. Girls to Lead Africa, is nurturing a breed of women leaders who can innovate lasting solutions to Disease, poverty, hunger, Environmental degradation, war, and injustice. Starting at the level where leadership training begins- school. We Incubate and mentor student leaders to become solution oriented leaders by reorganizing their thinking and challenging them to attach purpose to their leadership positions and planning to leave a legacy in their schools.  We want to nurture a critical mass of women leaders who do care about their communities.

 Girls to Lead Africa incubates, nurtures, grooms and mentors girl leaders in institutions of learning. The leaders are trained to lead with and for a purpose and each of them must initiate, innovate or invent something before their leadership term of office expires. We believe that with such policy changes they have lobbied for in the schools, they will no doubt table bills at the floor of parliament and advocate for policies that will transform Africa.

Girls to Lead Africa Logic Model

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Girls Lead Africa!

  1. This program to nurture leadership skills in a girl child at an early age is a very important venture in to tune them to understand that future leadership of our society, country will depend on how well they are prepared to lead the society tomorrow and it will give them the confidence that they are capable to be leaders as they shall have been oriented to lead otherwise they can shy out thinking that the African tradition is still the ideal that in the past it was taken that the work of the women was only in the kitchen .Thank you for this initiative to groom the girl child.

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