Girls Lead Africa -Echoing Green Finalist 2018Kansiime Honest Fortunate – Founder and Executive Director

Kansiime has always been a leader. Since her childhood she questioned why women should be held back when it came to positions of leadership. She began testing structures of power in elementary school and has made it her life quest to ensure that girls and women have the opportunity to access equal opportunities. Kansiime has the experience of running for political office along supporting female leaders in Uganda to reach positions of power and change policies that support women. Kansiime is an Echoing Green Finalist, a Pollination Project Fellow, COmmunity Solutions Program Fellow, a YALI Fellow and one of the founding partners of AMPLIFY.

Contact Us: info@girlstoleadafrica.com

Executive Director – Kansiime Honest

Girls to Lead Africa

Facebook – Girls to Lead Africa facebook page 

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