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The Resilient Girls Education Fund

According to The Guardian the AP News and The New York Times, Uganda had the longest lock-down in the World. Ugandan girls have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent school shut-downs. Adolescent girls in poor and rural Uganda exist at the intersection of a few marginalized identities; the barriers they face to returning to school are complex and interlinked, and like poverty, are cyclical. The loss of income of the parent or guardian, illness and sadly death of guardians, meant that more girls were left… .../Read More.

Formal Education and Literacy

  • Scholarships and provision of Scholastic materials (Primary school, Lower and Higher Secondary school, Technical college  education and University education)
  • Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights
  • Kanungu Community Library
  • Career Guidance Symposium

Leadership Development and Mentorship

  • Leadership Academies
  • Youth Moot Parliament
  • East Africa Girls Leadership Summit
  • Mentorship / a day with

Community Engagement Program

  • Girl-Safe Boda
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Community Outreaches

Alumni Engagement Program

  • Girls on the Shelf – The GirlPreneur
  • Emerging Public Leaders internship
  • Career Guidance Symposium
  • Mentorship