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Our Goal

Since 2015, we have raised over 570 girl leaders who have competed for positions of leadership in students’ councils and won. Each of these girls has initiated policies in their school. E.g.; Agaba a school Sports Minister has initiated a bursary for girls with exceptional talent in sports which resulted in 15 girls receiving scholarships. Rita the Health minister lobbied for sanitary pads for first aid in her school which reduced girls’ absenteeism. This is the kind of change we create - Smart, Relevant, Led by Girls

Mid-term Outcomes:

  • Girls learn from peers and develop critical self-efficacy/agency skills
  • Girls have the necessary leadership skills to lead policy effectively
  • Girls have a competitive edge to access leadership positions
  • Girls graduate from High school.
  • Girls develop self-confidence & self-awareness
  • Girls acquire literacy skills and develop love for reading

Long Term Outcome:

  • Young women take up positions in leadership fields traditionally held by men
  • Young women get into local and national public service
  • Young women graduate from University
  • Young women hold positions in national leadership.
  • Young Women establish businesses and enterprises

Impact / Overall Goal:

Build a critical mass of girls and young women positioned to lead