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About Us

Girls to Lead Africa is a leadership incubator whose goal is to increase the number of girl leaders in students’ councils. GTLA believes that nurturing leaders who understand the challenges facing communities and have the skills necessary to engage in policy discussions and political process will help achieve gender equality. This is because young women are vastly underrepresented in policy making positions at all levels and this disparity leads to policies which perpetuate gender inequities and make it difficult for women to contribute to the development of their communities. GTLA’s mission is to disrupt this status quo by training and mentoring girls to get positions in students’ councils. Once the girls join students’ councils, they are able to advocate for girl – friendly policies, stand up for themselves and for their peers.

Since 2015, we have raised 570 girl leaders who have competed for positions of leadership in students’ councils and won. Each of these girls has initiated policies in their school. E.g.; Agaba a school Sports Minister has initiated a bursary for girls with exceptional talent in sports which resulted in 15 girls receiving scholarships. Rita the Health minister lobbied for sanitary pads for first aid in her school which reduced girls’ absenteeism. This is the kind of change we create - Smart, Relevant, Led by Girls.

Our Vision

We seek to create a transformed Africa where women are equally represented in key policy making positions.

Our Mission

Girls to Lead Africa develops, nurtures and prepares young women to assume leadership roles in their schools and communities.

Our Purpose

Girls to Lead Africa is dedicated to creating a new generation of young women leaders.

Our Objectives

  • To develop Girls’ leadership and advocacy skills.
  • To create a girls safe space for creativity, innovation and agency.
  • To give girls access to opportunities for exposure, exchange and learning.
  • To give girls access to formal education.
  • To give girls access to SRH Services.